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AFS30 and AFS90 are products obtained through the torrefaction of biomass and are mainly intended to replace the use of coal of fossil origin, which is the main fuel used in the production of electric energy, but also as industrial fuel in many sectors all over the world.

Due to its 100% vegetal origin, the torrefied biomass presents itself, after being thermally processed, free of contaminating compounds, unlike coals of fossil origin.

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Advantages of the use of torrefied biomass over coal of fossil origin:

Be from a renewable source;

Low pollution index, allowing to meet goals of reducing CO2 emissions and incentives to develop alternative ways of producing energy;

It has a lower ash content and its emissions are less aggressive to the environment;

Significantly reduces corrosion of combustion equipment.

Target markets:  

Domestic market – Still in development and certification.

Industrial market – Replacing coal of fossil origin in any industrial or energy sector.

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