About us

AFS is a company targeted for research and production of biofuels with high added value using forest biomass.

Research and development

Our project will add a new level of innovation to the renewable energy sector by introducing innovative technological processes through the production of torrefied biomass.


In a context in which Europe has set ambitious targets for the reduction of carbon emissions targets the use of biomass for power generation is essential for portfolio diversification.


It is this evolution that AFS bases its strategy of creating value through the provision of Biofuels products and technological solutions for producing torrefied biomass.


The activity of AFS fits into the renewable energy sector.

Because for us to preserve the environment is a priority, we believe in sustainable development and in the rational use of our natural resources.

Where are we

Our headquarters is located in the municipality of Oliveira de Azeméis, district of Aveiro.

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