AFS – ADVANCED FUEL SOLUTIONS, S.A. acquired over time, a vast experience and expertise in the development of projects units implementation to produce torrefied biomass.

Whether to proceed with a project to implement a production unit of biomass, AFS presents itself as the ideal partner.

Turnkey projects

Covering all the steps for implementing the project, AFS provides consultancy in the definition of the production process, defining and approving the layout, approval of technical proposals, actual purchase of equipment, completion of civil works, equipment erection and start-up.




Providing all the necessary technology to implement the project;


It offers all Human Resources required to implement the project including the start-up of the plant;


Supply all the necessary equipment for a complete production line;

The entire assembly of equipment and monitoring functional unit starts up production including start-up of the plant;


AFS – ADVANCED FUEL SOLUTIONS, S.A. has a skilled team of technicians in key areas for the implementation of such a project.

With deep expertise in various industries, including the forestry industry, this team ensures the technological and operational control of the process from planning to implementation and start-up of the plant.

  Mechanical Engineering

   Process control

   Electronic Engineering

   Environmental Engineering

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